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Timing systems
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myWER recommends

myWER recommends

Cronocorse Timing

Cronocorse-Timing provides professional timekeeping services, advice and products for the organization with the aim to increase, consolidate and promote the importance of the event. The company was founded in 2007 by pure passion for motorsports. Our experience gained in major European speed circuits, we use timing systems, developed and tested by the proven track record of leading industry experience, which ensure registration of time in sporting events and motor shows of any level and flow - more information

Nuova FAOR

Nuova FAOR produces accessories and special parts for high performance. Founded in 1979, the company New Faor dealt exclusively with mechanical forming. With the years that passion has led to the production of special parts made to the world of motorcycling - more information


GoTrack delivers kart barriers. Experience gained over time and the quest for ever more high performance products that conform to quality standards and have an aesthetic impact at the track, have allowed us to create an exclusive barrier – the best on the world market today. GoTrack barriers combine: design, reliability and safety, providing an infinite number of solutions for harmonious and winning tracks - more information


IDchronos è un completo sistema di cronometraggio a chip adatto a PODISMO, RUNNING, TRAIL, CICLISMO SU STRADA, TRIATHLON, MOUNTAIN BIKE MTB, SPORT INVERNALI, ESERCITO, NUOTO, EQUITAZIONE. Inoltre, grazie alla neonata collaborazione IDchronos/myWER, è in grado di offrire anche completi sistemi di cronometraggio a transponder per sport a motore (MOTOCROSS, KART, AUTO, ECC.). IDchronos è un sistema semplice da usare (richiede una conoscenza base del computer), è impiegato da anni da diverse associazioni italiane ed europee che così gestiscono il proprio evento in piena autonomia. Scegliete la garanzia di chi insegue sempre l'evoluzione tecnologica, per offrirvi sempre il massimo delle prestazioni, di chi non si accontenta del meglio, ma pretende il massimo - maggiori informazioni


myPRACTICE, Race and Live

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