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VERO wireless and standalone Lap Timer

VERO is an innovative Lap Timer particularly suitable for rental go-karts.

VERO is available in two versions: wireless RLT series and standalone LT series

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Transponder timekeeping systems

A collective timing system is used to measure the lap time just completed in a circuit in which the means, typically motorized, are engaged in a competitive, amateur or recreational competition. The lap time of each competitor, identifiable by its own unique number, is measured with precision to the thousandth of a second, in conjunction of its passage on the finish line by an electronic system installed on the circuit. All this happens in a totally automatic way, and in real time, thanks to a transponder installed on the vehicles. Once the lap time of each competitor is measured that information is sent to a system, typically a PC, on which is installed an application that is used to manage the progress of the race. Generally an operator, or timekeeper, controls the Software and shall administer the competition according to specific sporting rules. Software systems, more evolved than the precedent, are even able to manage in whole, in almost totally autonomy as well as other operations different from the typical but fundamental timing operations. An example is the software for the management of rental go- kart tracks where you can also program the maintenance of the vehicles. For example, you can take advantage of built-in features such as automatic enrollment of the drivers, access to the track with traffic light signals , etc. but also manage scoreboards, monitors, etc. The myWER systems, thanks to its synergy and integration with the best management software that is currently on the market at a national and international level, are able to satisfy any type of industry needs for a purely racing use, intended for professional timekeepers that comes from demands by go-kart / motocross / racetracks small, medium or large size with even limited economic resources. This is possible thanks to a choice of many different types of software that myWER makes available to its customers. The myWER professional timing systems thus represents what there is of the most modern in the industry and, thanks to the favorable price / performance ratio, are the ideal solution for every need: from go-kart tracks, to motocross tracks, to racetracks, etc.. The system is suitable for use of tracks on asphalt, dirt, ice or snow. The high degree of precision and reliability, combined with the extreme simplicity of use, makes the myWER systems of undisputable use.



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