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Timing systems
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Reader pro type

Cod. MRD 140 W/R
920€ (esc. iva)

The reader MRD 140 is a device to be installed, typically adjacent to the track, which directly connects the two wires of the detection loop. A digital multipole connector, present on the reader, is to be connected in a direct manner, or by means of extension cables, to the decoder. The reader MRD 140 receives, decodes and processes the signal from the transponder (for example MTP 030) in order to retransmit it in real time via RS485, in digital form and with proprietary myWER protocol, to the decoder (for example, MCI 330) that can be to a distance of up to 350 meters (without signal repeater or additional power supply). The digital solution makes the myWER Reader, unlike equivalent analog systems, particularly immune to interference and radio interference as it is a robust digital cable to "connect" the detection loop to the system and not an analog coaxial cable. In addition to making teh system immune to interference, it then limits the maximum distance. It is still possible, using appropriate accessories, to connect the reader to myWER detection loop with the common coaxial cable RG59 or equivalent dual shield MRD 12xP type. The reader MRD 140 is able to manage, in total autonomy, up to two photocells. The reader is coated entirely of resin, waterproof and housed in a plastic casing of reduced dimensions thus allowing the use and the 'installation, even in the most hostile environments.MRD 140 is the ideal solution to satisfy every need such as kart rental center, motocross track, professional timekeeping services and more. It is therefore suitable for every type of motor racing such as, for example: motocross, enduro, go-kart, motorcycles, snowcross and more. The Reader MRD 140 is available in two versions: W / R.

You do not need an activation nor subscription of annual fees​ !

Compatible with many Management Software, for more information:

WARNING ! prices and products valid in Europe, for international proposal:

Technical data

Power supply: from Decoder
Status messages: 2 LED
Messages of interference: 1 LED
Clock time: controlled by TCXO 0.5ppm adjustable
Maximum track width: mod. “W” 20 mt - mod. “R” 12 mt (with transponder series W/R)
Maximum number of simultaneously detectable transponder: 14
Number of transponders that can be managed: unlimited
Maximum detection height:  mod. “W” 200 cm - mod. “R” 150 cm (with transponder series W/R)
Antenna sensitivity: electronic control, 10 levels
Inputs: 2 for photocell
Outputs: 1 for service accessories, 12 Vdc max 50 mA
Addresable: 250 node
Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions: 30x55x100 mm
Weight: 109 gr
Operating temperature (on the ground): 0/+55 °C
Protection degree: IP67 (temporary immersion)


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