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Timing systems
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Decoder usb type

Cod. MCD 430 U W/R
1150€ (esc. iva)

The integrated decoder MCD 430 U is a simple device to be installed in protected and indoor environments to which the detection loop coaxial cable can be connected directly. The decoder MCD 430 U receives, decodes and processes the signal from the transponders (for example MTP 030) in order to retransmit it in real time to the computer connected via USB port. The decoder MCD 430 U is able to manage, in total autonomy, up to two photocells. The decoder is housed in an elegant small aluminum box and is equipped with a complete front panel on which practical commands and function keys, indicator lights, a multifunctional backlight display (diagnosis and setup) and a jack output for stereo headphones; all this make MCD 430 U an easy, intuitive tool to use. On the rear panel instead take place two USB ports, an RJ9 connector to which you can connect a series of accessories and two jack sockets to which you can connect a manual button. The MCD 430 U contains a rechargeable battery which, in the event of a blackout, guarantees system autonomy of up to 15 minutes. MCD 430 U is powered by a small external power supply, or by any power source, between 12 and 14Vdc. The decoder MCD 430 U is the most economical solution suitable to satisfy any type of need such as kart rental center or professional timekeeping services. It is therefore suitable for any type of motor competition such as, for example: motocross, enduro, go-kart, motorbike and speed, snowcross, and more. The decoder MCD 430 U is available in two versions: W / R

You do not need an activation nor subscription of annual fees​ !​

Compatible with many Management Software, for more information:

WARNING ! prices and products valid in Europe, for international proposal:​

Technical data

Supply and consumption: 12 to 15 Vdc - max 4 W
Status messages: 6 LEDs, backlight LCD display
Messages of interference: 1 LED
Clock time: controlled by TCXO 0.5ppm adjustable
Maximum track width: mod. “W” 20 mt - mod. “R” 12 mt (with transponder series W/R)
Maximum number of simultaneously detectable transponder: 14
Number of transponders that can be managed: unlimited
Maximum detection height:  mod. “W” 200 cm - mod. “R” 150 cm (with transponder series W/R)
Antenna sensitivity: electronic control, 10 levels
Addressable: 250 node
Interface: 2 USB port optoisolated, 1 option port for accessories modules
Input: 1 for 3.5mm jack for manual button and synchronizer
Output: 1 for 3.5mm stereo jack headphone
UPS autonomy: 15 min. via internal rechargeable battery ni-mh 9,6V 500mAh (replaceable)
Warranty: 3 year (excluding batteries)
Dimensions: 165x110x55 mm
Weight: 600 gr
Operating temperature: 0/+45 °C
Protection degree: IP41


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