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Timing systems
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Driver Display VERO RLT P1 CC

209€ (esc. iva)

This model displays the main information, flags and text messages and is compatible with the most popular timing software. VERO RLT P is a multifunctional wireless driver display that displays multiple useful information relating to the current event that is sent by a radio transmitter managed by the timing software. VERO RLT P does not need sensors or GPS and, in the CC version, it is powered directly by the vehicle when the latter is equipped with a compatible generator. VERO RLT P is economical, functional, simple to use, suitable for gokart-minimoto-motorcycle-car and it is simple to install: just fix it with the special support supplied, connect it to the power source and the instrument is ready for use. Download the brochure and user manual in the download section.

It is powered by the engine
With flags and messages management

WARNING: usable only in Europe due to frequency restrictions

WARNING ! prices and products valid in Europe, for international proposal:​

Technical data

Display: LCD 128x64 pixel with backlight
LEDs: green, red, RGB high brightness
External power supply with cable: from engine or battery
Operating voltage: 12-42V ac/dc
Max comsumption: 30mA
Turn on/Turn off: automatic or manual
Reception frequency: 869.5MHz
Receiving range: 500mt (optical range) 
Warranty: 24 months (wiring except)
Dimensions / Weight: 101x84x23 mm / 150 gr
Case: ABS, scratch resistant and UV resistant
Operating temperature: 0-55 °C
Protection degree: splash resistant (not waterproof)
Fixing: through appropriate support (included)

Functions: ranking position, ranking lap number, lap time, difference from the previous lap, gap to ranking leader, gap from the previous one, detail zoom, setup menù, performance indicator LED, flag green-yellow-blue-red-double yellow-finish-black-attention-warning-safety car-rain, text message stop-ready to go!-qualify-warm up-race-goooo!!-best lap!-your record-last lap-new record-finish-pitlane in-you win-go to grid-penalty

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